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Deweffect Company Founder April Boeger

 April Boerger has always viewed herself as the furthest thing from a beauty buff.  From an early age April has been on a mission to break the unhealthy cycles that were engrained from previous family generations.  Although her life has been an uncharted path, she knew that in order to have the best shot at every opportunity she had to look and feel her best.  Without a means to do so, she leaned into looking the part.  Being put together and dressing the part gave her the confidence to trailblaze any challenge.  Enamored from a young age with healthy living, she worked her way into medical dermatology sales.  When April finally got to see behind the magic curtain of dermatology, she was shocked by what she saw.  The gap between what is shared with consumers in the beauty market versus the conversations going on in medical dermatology are completely different.  On one hand, the beauty industry was bombarding consumers with overwhelming options, and paid for promises to solve their problems.   While on the other hand many who are priveledged enough to get to a dermatology office, often leave with unanswered questions, pressure purchases, and a large bill.  In both cases, the customer suffers.  At a minimum, wasted time and money are often a given, but in many cases, permanent scarring and mental hardships such as depression remain.  April founded The Deweffect Company to bridge the gap between medical dermatology and the skincare market, with a customer needs based focus.  Rooted in results driven recommendations, and science supported guidance, The Deweffect Company is leveling the playing field by making healthy skin convenient, accessible, and inclusive to today's modern woman through individualized recommendations and meeting unmet needs in the market.  

With an inclusive and thorough approach at the heart of our values, we have built a surround sound team of experts to build our recommendations.  A board certified dermatologist, esthetician and skincare professional review all content and recommendations. Whether you need an a la carte recommendation or a deep dive solution to a skin problem, our team is here to support your journey until it's complete.

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