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Collagen Suplements.. Yeah or meh?

Collagen supplements are the hot trend, promising a fountain of youth.  Although taking collagen in various forms, is not new, it has resurged as a "hot topic."  Beauty brands and celebrities are buzzing about it.  Our key takeaway, is to use more scrutiny with anything that you are going to put in your body.  The jury is still out on collagen.  Yes, collagen decreases as you age, but taking collagen that is usually made up of ground up animal parts, doesn't guarantee that the collagen in, equals a 1:1 increase in collagen.  The studies that have been conducted are often conducted by the companies making the collagen, and we still need more data.  It is worth dialing in other well proven supplements like Vitamin D, quality fish oil, greens, and magnesium; before jumping on the band wagon.  If you do decide to try it, definitely look carefully at where the collagen is sourced.  Animal parts often store high amounts of heavy metals and inflammation in their bones and tendons.  Ensure the source is clean and well sourced.  

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