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Are you sick of the overwhelm? My top distraction busters.

Are you sick of the overwhelm? My top distraction busters.

I went into Sephora and had to walk out.  Despite being someone who likes skincare and make-up, it was STILL way too much for me.  My approach to skincare and make-up isn’t any different than my approach to all things in life.  I want the sweet spot of the best ROI “return on investment” for my time, energy, and money.  Do you feel me?  Even if I had all the time and money, I still wouldn’t want to spend tons of time and money on skincare and make-up or working out for hours and hours.

I read that the average person has 3,000 messages being thrown at them per day! No wonder we feel a sense of overwhelm and confusion about what is worth our time, energy, and money.  In this new era, more than ever, our most valuable asset is our attention.

Companies like Instagram and the NFL pay millions to capture and keep our attention.  As a working mother, it really hits home how “unrenewable” and precious our time and energy are.

Here are a few things that helped me that I wanted to share.   My North Star when deciding is regret.  I have certain values and goals in my life with myself and my family.  If the decision will be likely to ensure that I don’t have regret in one of my key values or goals in life then I am more likely to move forward with that action.

In my attempt to try and minimize being overwhelmed daily, I ask myself each morning “What will make me feel happy today?” It can vary by day.  Most days, working out and a dog walk with the hubby and some of the daily rituals with the kids are a given.  For the  “feel happy” part I try to focus only on myself.  If I do X, I would really feel happy today.  It’s amazing how helpful that can be to help navigate the day and prioritize all the stuff to do as well as distractions that pop up.  

In addition to prioritizing the things we want to do, plus the things we need to do, there are the distractions that beep at us all day.  Distractions are inevitable, and I am not immune to them either.  As someone with ADHD (that I have learned to manage without medication), this is a constant battle.  I have taken countless courses and seminars, read books, and paid for expensive coaching and these are what have really helped:

  1. On my phone in settings under digital well-being, I set time windows for all distracting apps like Instagram and email.
    • When I want to use those apps I set a time limit of 5-15 minutes based on the need
  2. I time how long things take me to actually do and instead of adding something to my list to get done, I add a block of time in 30 minute chunks to work on the task versus “get done”.
    • I learned from Huberman Lab that the average time to switch tasks is at least 10 minutes and that a deep focus of 90 minutes on any 1 task is realistic with breaks
  3. Instead of pushing through tired or scrolling “to relax,” I take a NSDR “non-sleep deep rest” while listening to brain waves to deeply reset my energy.

The key takeaway is that distractions are here to stay and by eliminating unnecessary steps and distractions we can truly enjoy and channel our energy, time, and money with what best serves our truest selves.  The selves that we are meant to be.  It’s easy to get lost in the busy.  Each day we get a new chance, and can check in and ask what will make me happy today?  If we all were as protective of our time, energy, and attention as we are of other things like money, imagine how different the world would be. Do one thing that brings you joy today.  It could be as simple as a walk, calling a friend, cleaning your car, or going to bed on time. Making time for the things that really move the needle will inevitably squash the overwhelm. So here’s to - if it’s not a hell yes, then it’s a hell no.

Carpe diem,


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