skincare tips for aging women over 40

4 musts for anti-aging for the 40+ crew

If you are approaching 40, or are already over 40, here's the real deal.  Gravity is not on your side.  At this stage in life collagen, elastin, and our DNA are all starting to well, sag.  So, it is important to combat the sagging from the inside out, and the outside in.  By now, you know that sunscreen should be a daily ritual, not a beach day thing.  So that doesn't count, but be sure to use a sunscreen that also has anti-oxidants in it or a separate anti-oxidant.  Moisturization is mission critical.  For our cells to properly function skin requires hydration (water not oil) from the inside and the outside.  Work your way up to a skin cream if you don't use a cream already.  If a cream is too "heavy" for you, send us a message and we'll help you.  

Those 2, plus eating and sleeping well are the essentiall building blocks.  Everything else is throwing money out the window if your aren't doing those 4 essential pillars.  If you need help dialing in the sleep, hydration or nutrition, check out our tips on those.  You're worth it!  Now for the nitty gritty....

#1- Stimulate the collagen and elastin you still have while it is youthful.  Based on your needs consider micro-needling (professional/at home), lasers, rf (radio frequency), chemical peels, and micro-current.  An annual treatment like micro-needling with prp is great for all skin types, and provides skin cell optimization. If these options are out of reach for you, consider using a Gua sha tool, or fascia blaster to stimulate skin rejuventation.  Both are great add-ons to the annual or bi-annual treatments for maintenance.  Don't forget about the neck, chest and body as well.

#2- Are your teeth straight?  Your teeth form the structure of your face, and it is important to ensure that the structure of your face is in alignment.  It's never too late for braces.  Also, if you have TMJ, get it under control.  TMJ can change the structure of the face and cause problems.

#3- When it comes to topical products, a Vitamin C, retinol (or prescription retinoid), and a growth factor are what you should focus on, when it comes to time and money.  Unless you have a specific issue or sensitivity, the following don't need to be great, they just need to be good enough: cleanser, (toner skip), moisturizer, eye cream doesn't have to be separate.

#4- Check your estrogen or testosterone.  For men, it's testosterone, and for women, it's estrogen.  Hormones are the fountain of youth.  Everything from skin to bones and energy are all tied to hormones.  When our hormone levels drop as we age, we feel it in the form of sagging, fatigue, memory and muscle loss to name a few.  Some women can go into perimenopause in their 30's.  So, get a baseline of your hormones if possible from your doctor and continue to monitor them as you approach and go through menopause.  Although hormone replacement is controversial and an individual decision; our hormones are tied to aging and greatly impact the overall process.  If you are open to hormone therapy, ask your doctor about the bioidentical options.

In summary:

  • Dial in the basics as a first priority: eat & sleep well (8+ hours), stimulate the collagen and elastin 2 x pr/year  with a professional treatment if possible as well as maintain at home with a skincare tool.
  • Support your teeth and bone health.  Our bones hold up our face.  Do you need to straighten your teeth or dial in your vitamin D?
  • Focus your time and money on the topicals that move the needle.
  • Think: Vitamin C, retinol/retinoid, and growth factor.
  • Monitor your hormones as you age

If you love your routine and you're gettting the results you want, then keep them!  When it comes down to it, time is our most valuable asset and who doesn't like to spend their money where it matters most. 



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